A young healer in over her head


Strength 10 Constitution 15 Size 8 Dexterity 11 Appearance 11 Intelligence 15 Power 15 Education 15

Bargain 10%, Conceal 30%, First Aid 80%, Insight 25%, Listen 53%, Natural World 30%, Occult 26%, Persuade 30%, Potions 26%, Repair 40%, Ride 15%, Sneak 20%, Spot Hidden 55%, Throw 50%

Speak Saxon 11%, Speak Allemanic 75%, Write Allemanic 6%

Spells: Heal, Curse (Characteristic)


Gisla, the daughter of a midwife, learned her healing arts at a young age and proved them to be useful to the Senior Brother Gudman. As a result, she was recruited to help him establish a Christian outpost in the wild, heathen lands of Hungary in the late 10th century AD.

Now that Brother Gudman and the other warrior-monks went missing or were killed, she realizes that a gentle healer may be in over her head, and has taken up the sword to learn her own protection.


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