A brave, low-level noblewoman heading into the hungarian wilds of eastern Germany.


Strength 9 Constitution 9 Size 8 Dexterity 13 Appearance 15 Intelligence 14 Power 16 Education 16

Bargain 40%, Fast Talk 45%, Insight 45%, Library Use 40%, Listen 30%, Natural World 27%, Navigate 30%, Occult 20%, Persuade 20%, Sneak 50%, Spot Hidden 74%, Status 55%, Swim 30%, Track 28%

Speak Arabic 40%, Write Arabic 40%, Speak Old English 40%, Write Old English 40%, Speak Allemanic 80%, Write Allemanic 40%


Bjork is a low-level noble from Norway, who finds herself accompanying a group of warrior-monks into the northeastern part of the Holy Roman Empire at the close of the 10th century AD. The goal of the group is to establish a Christian outpost in the heathen Hungarian territories east of Germany.

She was charged by her mother to go along so that she may serve in a capacity of meting out tariff penances, allod, and holding the ban once the outpost is secured. A risky endeavor, but should it succeed, the family would enjoy a considerable boost in power and wealth. While it is certainly odd that a woman is taken along in this capacity, the stories of deadly Magyar attacks and monsters lurking in the woods were too frightening to the other nobles offered the position, and Bjork’s enthusiasm made up for any trepidation on the part of the Abbot who sent them.

Secretly, Bjork has converted to Islam after listening to stories of far-flung Constantinople and Spain by Muslim merchants and scholars visiting Norway by way of England, and reading the eye-opening books about astronomy, mathematics, and medicine which were so far advanced beyond anything available at the local abbeys that it seemed an entirely different world.

Of course, she is wise enough to conceal her faith while within predominantly Christian areas. She views Christians as partners in bringing civilization to the world – certainly the barbaric Magyars must be put down – but she is also aware that she could find herself on the wrong end of a innocence test should she let slip her true faith to the wrong people.


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